Top 10 Packing Tips to Make your Moving a Breeze

If you have ever experienced moving houses then you know that packing can be a literal backbreaking process. It takes away days from you. Before you know it,you are out of time and your muscles are revolting in fatigue. Worse,you’ve packed only 5% of what you should have packed.

When you’re packing,try and avoid as much distractions possible. I’m sure your old place has a lot of memories,probably years if not decades of your life has been spent in that house and each nook and cranny has a special memory for you. However,unless you are actually sure that you have the time,limit your reminiscing to just a few minutes.

You may also be tempted to just put everything in boxes and be done with it. Your items are not like your clothes that can just be jam-packed in a suitcase whenever you travel. Unless you want to arrive at your new place with damaged items,pack safely.

Here are 10 packing tipsto make your moving a breeze.


Moving to a new place gives you the opportunity to declutter your house. Take this opportunity to finally get rid of all the items that you have been meaning to throw away but haven’t gotten to yet. Don’t be a hoarder and fill your new place with the same stuff that you have from your old house. Take the time to determine whether you actually need to bring that item or not.

Instead of just throwing away your items,maybe you can give them away to a charity or give it to your friends. This makes parting with it easier — knowing that they will be repurposed instead of just be thrown in the dumps. By giving them away,you are not only helping yourself but others. You can also earn off your more valuable items by having a garage sale. This is a good way to earn some cash while getting rid of everything you don’t need like old clothes,books,used appliances,etc

Sort and Organise

Sort your items into neat piles. This gives you a visual on how much you have of every item. Maybe while sorting,you realise that you have way too many clothes or cooking pans. Organise them properly before putting them in boxes. This will also ensure that items of the same kind are put in the same boxes for easier unpacking.

Get Quality Moving Boxes

You may think that you can get just any box available to you but this is a mistake. Packing boxes are essential to moving. They will hold your items during the move while keeping them safe. Industrial strength boxes can secure your items properly. On the other hand,normal boxes may break and fall apart without warning. Imagine your items all spread out on the street or the hallway after your box decides to break down.

Be prepared with the proper tools and Packing supplies

Go to your local hardware and buy the proper tools and supplies. Once you have sorted and organised your items,you will have an insight on what tools and how much supplies you will need. Some items that you will need are: masking tape,rope,cord,zip cables,a hammer,screwdrivers,and rags. Remember to buy extras just in case.

Pack Artworks and other valuable items separately

It would be best to do the move yourself for valuable items like jewelry and electronics. Do not just put them in boxes. Carefully wrap them with bubble wrap and make sure to label the box fragile for other people to know. Artworks also need special handling. Just putting art in boxes carelessly will damage them. Ask a local curator on the best way to move a piece of art.

Label each box carefully

When putting things away in boxes,make sure to label each [dcl=7158] carefully. This will make your life easier when unpacking. This step is for the movers also so they would know which place in the house to put each box in. Create a list of items that are in each box for easier locating.

Buy Bubble wrap — and don’t pop them!

…yet. We know how tempting it is to just pop each bubble with your hands but don’t do it yet. Use it first for what it was intended to do — keeping your items safe. When you’re in your new place and have unpacked,you can then go to town on it. If you have a tight budget,you can use clothes,newspapers,blankets,towels and rags as substitutes. It just won’t be as fun unpacking.

Don’t bring groceries,especially perishables

When you move,make sure that you start out with fresh food. Don’t bring your old spices and used condiment bottles to your new place. They are prone to making a mess during the move and securing each one is just not worth it. As a rule of thumb,we recommend not going shopping for a week before the move. This allows you to be creative with what is left in your refrigerator. Throw out perishables like fruits and vegetables or give them away to a friend. They won’t survive the move. One creative way is to host a going away party with all the leftover food and groceries you have.

Use Ziploc bags

Nothing is worse than missing screws,bolts and hooks after you’ve unpacked. Make sure that all small items are in resealable Ziploc bags for easier location and safekeeping. This may seem like a mundane step but you’ll thank us after you installed your TV without turning your new house over for a screw.

Or just hire a Professional Moving Company

Yes. They exist.

Professional Moving companies are there to make your life easier. Some of these companies even offer self-storage facilities and packing your items for you. This is a convenient way of moving without breaking your back.

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