What To Do After A Work Comp Denial: Don’t Give Up Hope

If you’ve been through an accident at in the workplace,chances are that you’re relying on your compensation benefits to help see you through the next while. Workers’ compensation is intended to provide employees with the necessary medical treatment and financial boost needed for a decent recovery process.

In some cases,workers compensation providers will deny claims. Even if your claim has merit,you might still face a bit of a battle but that’s no reason to give up hope.

If you’re wondering what to do after a work comp denial,take a deep breath and follow the steps described by top[dcl=6639] below:

Re-read your denial letter

When you receive a rejection letter,it’s easy to skip over the finer details in the text. The sting of disappointment can be incredibly distracting. Once you’ve had some time to process the denial,take the time to read over the letter again. It should include the official reasons for the rejection of your claim. Most often,claims are rejected for one of the following reasons:

1. Pre-existing medical conditions

2. Failure to meet a filing deadline

3. The injury occurred while not in the workplace

4. The injury occurred during an activity unrelated to work

Review your paperwork

More often than not,claims are denied because of incomplete information. If your injury wasn’t properly documented,the insurance firm will use it as an excuse not to pay out. Similarly,if a doctor didn’t complete the required forms properly,your claim will be denied.

Search for admin errors

Occasionally,the smallest of errors need to be corrected in order for your claim to be pushed through. Thousands of claim forms make their way through the workers’ compensation system every single day. Administrative errors do happen,and can cause a claim rejection to occur.

If none of the above apply,you should discuss your case with an experienced [dcl=6639]. A legal professional will be able to properly evaluate your case and advise you on your next steps. Should your case be deemed valid,your attorney will file an appeal and help you figure out how best to tackle the issue.

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