The Future of America is Dependant on Careful Drivers

Careless drivers are ruining the future of America with every passing day. They are making families to lose breadwinners. Car accidents have left many children orphaned. It has also created many single fathers and single mothers and resulted in countless lawsuits prosecuted by [dcl=6956].

Children who grow up without a single parent or both parents are likely to be emotionally unstable. That can lead to social problems that will end up costing the American economy dearly.

Careful Driving Will Increase Lifespan and Save the Economy

If many Americans drive carefully,life spans will greatly increase. Many young lives have been lost on the roads. Every nation on earth depends on young people.

With a robust young population,America will prosper. Traffic collisions have economic costs. Victims of an accident will not attend work for long while recuperating. That will result in lost productivity,which will end up costing the American economy billions of dollars.

Car Accidents are Increasing

According to car wreck stats in Louisiana,road accidents are in the rise. That is because of human carelessness. It is sad that in this century Americans continue dying of road carnage despite the present day technology advancements.

Car Accidents are Preventable

That is the reality. One of the top causes of preventable death in America is automobile crash. By driving careful,you save yourself from death. You also save the life of others.

How to Prevent Car Crashes


It will take serious effort on the side of law enforcement to reduce road accidents. Penalties for traffic collisions need to be stiff. Stricter penalties will encourage people to be more careful on the roads.

Advocacy and Sensitization

Americans require sensitization on the cost of vehicle accidents. That will require national,statewide,and local advocacy,as well as [dcl=6956].

The Bottom Line

You do not have to be part of car wreck stats in Louisiana. The next time you drive,drive carefully. Do not use your phone when driving. Most importantly,do not drink and drive.

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